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Palm Oil Chains

The manufacture of palm oil chains involves the use of high-quality alloy steel. Precision technology produces chain plates, pins, bushings, and rollers. The chain is then machined using efficient automated equipment. The chain’s high-quality construction and excellent wear resistance make it an efficient conveyor system.
The palm oil supply chain typically includes several sub-suppliers, thousands of independent smallholders, and a large number of traders. Inputs for making palm oil also come from different locations. Some palm oil mills obtain fresh fruit bunches from farms and other sources. These intermediate stages in the palm oil supply chain are critical to the quality and consistency of the product.

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Sprockets for Palm Oil Chains

The main material of the palm oil chain is alloy steel, which can withstand high temperatures and high pressure. It also features high tensile strength. Additionally, the bushings and rollers are carburized to improve wear resistance. In addition, the chain is made of stainless steel or alloy steel, a wear-resistant material.
The choice of chain style depends on speed and load. High chain speeds can cause rapid chain wear. Therefore, choosing the right sprocket is crucial. In addition to choosing the chain type, the design of the sprocket is also essential. The interaction of the sprocket and chain is significant because it converts the rotational force of the machine into a pulling force.
The tooth profile of the sprocket should be designed to absorb the tension of the working chain. The sprocket should also have enough teeth that the chain can engage and disengage without difficulty. Most sprockets can withstand up to 5% pitch elongation. However, larger sprockets are unlikely to achieve this. Furthermore, they need to have a higher tooth height.


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