China Standard Hydrogen Bromide Ethylene Acetylene Piston Displacement Reciprocating Diaphragm Gas Booster Compressor air compressor parts

China Standard Hydrogen Bromide Ethylene Acetylene Piston Displacement Reciprocating Diaphragm Gas Booster Compressor Air Compressor Parts

Product Description

The piston compressor is a gas pressurization and delivery compressor that utilizes piston reciprocating motion. It consists of a working chamber, transmission parts, body, and auxiliary components. The working chamber directly compresses the gas, with the piston driven by the piston rod in the cylinder. As the piston moves back and forth, the volume of the working chamber on each side of the piston changes, leading to a decrease in volume on one side and an increase on the other. This results in the discharge of gas through a valve on the side with reduced air pressure, while gas is absorbed through a valve on the side with increased pressure.

Our compressors have the capability to compress a wide range of gases, including ammonia, propylene, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, argon, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen bromide, ethylene, acetylene, and more. These compressors are suitable for various industries such as food and medicine, metallurgy, electronics, textiles, clean energy, aerospace, nuclear power, and petrochemicals.

Reciprocating gas compressors are widely used in industries that require the compression and supply of gas to consumers. They find applications in the oil and chemical industry, oil refineries, and more. These compressors can handle corrosive, inert, poisonous, and explosive gases, ensuring the delivery of clean, impurity-free gas. Depending on the equipment type, they can work with different gases.

Our compressors can be designed as single-frame units with interstage devices and all necessary piping placed on a single platform. They can also be manufactured without the need for lubrication of cylinders and oil seals. The modern automation system ensures the safety and ease of use of the equipment, reducing commissioning time.

The machine can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer, and the price will depend on the configuration parameters such as gas composition, exhaust volume, and pressure. Quotations will be provided based on these specific parameters.

Product Parameters

Piston compressor model parameters
Piston force 800 500 320 250 160 100 65 45 30
Types of compressed gas Hydrogen, nitrogen, natural gas, ethylene, propylene, coal gas, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon dioxide, methyl chloride, carbon monoxide, acetylene ammonia, hydrogen monochloride, difluoromethane, tetrafluoroethylene, pentafluoroethylene, hexafluoroethylene, etc.
Discharge pressure MPa(G) <=25 <=30
Compression levels 1-4 levels 2-6 levels 1-3 levels
Number of columns 2-4 2-6 1-4
Layout form M/D M/D M/D M/D M/D M/D/P M/D/P M/D/P L/P
Route (mm) 280-360 240-320 180-240 200
Rotating speed (rpm) 300-375 333-450 375-585 420-485
Maximum motor power (KW) 5600 3600 3300 2700 1250 800 560 250 75
Skid mounted Non-skid mounted Skid mounted/non-skid mounted
Digital Analog Computing Yes
Systolic algorithm Yes
Test According to the quality standard, chemical analysis, mechanical performance, flaw detection, hydrostatic test, airtight

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Performance Characteristics of Acetylene Compressor

1. High Efficiency

The Acetylene compressor is designed to provide high efficiency in gas compression, allowing for optimal performance in various industrial applications. It effectively compresses acetylene gas, ensuring a steady supply of compressed gas for different processes.

2. Durability and Reliability

Built with robust materials and advanced technologies, Acetylene compressors are known for their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand heavy-duty operations and provide long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments.

3. Safety Features

Acetylene compressors are equipped with comprehensive safety features to ensure the safe handling and compression of acetylene gas. These features include pressure relief valves, temperature sensors, and advanced control systems that help prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

Types and Characteristics of Acetylene Compressor

1. Piston Acetylene Compressor

– Efficient compression with high discharge pressure.
– Suitable for applications requiring high pressure acetylene gas.

2. Diaphragm Acetylene Compressor

– Provides a clean and oil-free compression process.
– Ideal for industries with strict purity requirements, such as pharmaceutical and food processing.

3. Rotary Acetylene Compressor

– Offers continuous and smooth compression of acetylene gas.
– Low maintenance requirements and quiet operation.

Advantages of Acetylene Compressor Made of Different Materials

1. Stainless Steel Acetylene Compressor

– Resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
– Ensures a clean and contaminant-free compression process.

2. Aluminum Alloy Acetylene Compressor

– Lightweight and portable.
– Suitable for mobile applications and easy transportation.

3. Cast Iron Acetylene Compressor

– Provides excellent stability and durability.
– Ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Application of Acetylene Compressor

1. Gas Cylinder Filling

– Acetylene compressors play a crucial role in filling gas cylinders with compressed acetylene, ensuring a reliable supply for various industries.

2. Welding and Cutting Operations

– Acetylene compressors provide the necessary compressed gas for welding and cutting processes, enabling precise and efficient operations.

3. Flame Heating and Brazing

– With the help of an Acetylene compressor, flame heating and brazing operations can be carried out effectively, ensuring accurate temperature control and reliable results.

4. Metal Fabrication

– Acetylene compressors are widely used in metal fabrication processes, providing the necessary compressed gas for shaping, welding, and cutting metal components.

5. Pipeline Maintenance and Repair

– Acetylene compressors are essential for pipeline maintenance and repair, allowing for efficient leak detection and repair operations.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities

The future of Acetylene compressor products holds great potential for growth and innovation. As industries continue to evolve, the demand for efficient and reliable compression technology will increase. Opportunities for product development and improvements include:

– Integration of advanced control systems for enhanced safety and efficiency.
– Implementation of IoT technology for remote monitoring and maintenance.
– Development of eco-friendly and energy-efficient compressors.
– Expansion into emerging markets and industries.

Considering these trends and opportunities, the Acetylene compressor industry is poised for further growth and advancements.

How to Choose a Suitable Acetylene Compressor

When selecting an Acetylene compressor, several factors should be considered:

1. Clear Requirements

Define your specific needs for compressed acetylene gas, including flow rate, pressure requirements, and any unique specifications required for your application.

2. Material Selection

Choose the appropriate material for the Acetylene compressor based on your industry requirements, taking into account factors such as corrosion resistance, purity standards, and durability.

3. Design Optimization

Look for compressors with efficient design features, such as balanced piston arrangements or advanced cooling systems, to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

4. Suppliers and After-Sales Service

Select a reputable supplier who can provide reliable Acetylene compressors and offer excellent after-sales service, including technical support and maintenance.

5. Cost-Effectiveness and Quality Control

Consider both the initial investment and long-term operational costs of the Acetylene compressor. Ensure that the compressor meets quality standards and undergoes strict quality control processes to guarantee reliable performance.

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