China Good quality Stainless Steel Gearbox gearmotor for Rigorous Washdown Application near me manufacturer

Stainless Steel Gearbox Gearmotor for Rigorous Washdown Application

Ever-Power stainless steel Food Safe motors and worm reducers with IEC or NEMA frames will help food and beverage companies to improve reliability while ensuring food safety.

—Stainless steel worm reducer case body, flange, end cover, and output shaft are all made of SUS304 precision casting, with transmission worm gear reduction
—The machine cannot be directly flushed with water. It is designed with European advanced technology, and the transmission efficiency of the reducer is excellent. Main features of the product:
—It is suitable for the relatively strict operating environment and has good corrosion resistance; Fluororubber oil seal is used, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion; Use food-grade compound
—-Oil is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Features of Stainless Steel Gearbox gearmotor

▍ smooth stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and disinfection
▍ the water protection grade is ip69, which ensures that it is suitable for on-site cleaning procedures
▍ laser engraved nameplate eliminates pollutants under the traditional nameplate
▍ encapsulate the windings to prevent any water and moisture from reaching the windings
▍ due to high efficiency, low surface temperature, and low operation cost
▍ H1 food grade synthetic grease
The power range of the motor is 0.18-7.5 kW, 2-6 poles, suitable for 230-690 V, and the frequencies are 50 and 60 Hz.

Application of stainless steel Gearbox gearmotor

The stainless steel gear motors from ever-power keep things moving wherever machines and systems are subject to particularly intensive cleaning. Regardless of whether the gearmotors are used for materials handling, intralogistics, or hygienic applications, their hygienic properties, long operating life, and maintenance friendliness make them optimally suited to the specific production conditions in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and permanently wet environments. This product meets (( DOC.8 Hygienic equipment design criteria)) — EU Hygienic standard for food machinery.

– fishery industry
– Beverage Industry
– Chemical Industry
– Tobacco industry
– Pharmaceutical Industry

Stainless Steel Motor

Stainless Steel Gearmotor Manufacturer

Ever-power is a large-sized enterprise specialized in producing worm gear reducers and helical-gear reducers, devoted to providing professional, efficient, and humanized transmission solutions.

It is 1 of the first Machinery factory passed the ISO9000-2000 International System Certificate.
It is the first drafting unit of the industry standard-setting “WP series cylindrical worm reducer” and the Deputy Editorial.
Unit of the Manual “Reducer Standard full set.”The primary production is the RFKS series gear reducer, WP series worm gear reducer, NMRV series worm gear reducer, and SWL series screw lift, which have been sold all over China and are exported to the USA Europe, and Southeast Asia.
They are mainly applied in food, leather, textile, petroleum, packaging, wind power, solar power, ocean equipment, etc.

The technology, equipment, and testing technology have reached an advanced international level.
It has the world’s first-rate processing and testing equipment, the enterprise technology center of Xiao Shan District and the R&D center of Hangzhou City, and a new product R&D center and innovation base for teaching and scientific cooperation with China Jiliang University.


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